Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our new babies!!!!!

Welcome Isadore and Molly to our home! Both were adopted from the local Humane Society. We picked them up this morning and they are both sleeping now - after I banished the boys from the house! I hope they like it here!


  1. Your new fur babies are beautiful! I hope they get used to the household noise of little boys. :-)

  2. Isadore and Moly are such beautiful cats.Isadore looks just like my cat Chloe who disappeared a few years ago.You rearely see a cat that has those kind of markings.She was such a pretty,sweet cat and I still miss her so.

  3. I keep taking a peek at Isadore's picture since she brings back such sweet memories of my cat Chloe who disappeared over 2 years ago.


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