Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Now, I know vacation is looked forward to by most people. Obviously, those folks never traveled 10 (count them 10) hours in a double cabbed truck with 2 six year boys and a husband that rarely talks! LOL! I'm a pretty calm person but after the millionth "Are we almost there?" I was a little battle worn. We drove to Norfolk/Portsmouth/Virginia Beach area to visit Dennis' family. We had a nice time with the family. I thought the boys would LOVE Virginia Beach - the scenery, the sand, the water! But NO, it was too "dirty" - "Where did all this dirt come from?" "Why did God make sand?" "What's wrong with the water?" "Why does it taste that way?" "Can I go in the deep water without my swimmies?" And, that was the just in the first few minutes! THe trip home was no better. Nikolai threw his headsets at Mama when he didn't get his way which, in turn, set off Papa. An hour later we were back on the road in silence again - nevermind the sobbing from the back seat - no, wait a minute - that was me sobbing! LOL!!
Now we are back home. I have successfully washed 10 loads of clothes (did I mention that Nikolai left a pack of gum in his pockets. No more gum in this house!) I put up the luggage and managed to get the house back on track. I still need to clean and put up other things. I'm glad we don't do many vacations a year!

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  1. I loved this! That's our car rides/trips, too. What is it about little ones anyway?? I don't remember being like that when I was a kid, but I'm sure my brothers and I were the same way.


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