Monday, February 18, 2008

Boys will be boys!

Today, I received this email from Nikolai's teacher:

"I just wanted to let you know that today at recess, Nikolai was playing pirates with Ismael in our class. From what I gather, they began to play a little too rough and Nikolai fell down with Ismael falling on top of him. When Nikolai tried to get up, his head hit Ismael on the chin and caused Ismael to bite a nice sized hole in his tongue. Ismael seems to be fine, his mother came to pick him up and she was going to take him to the doctor to have it checked. I was not at recess today because I did not have duty, but Mrs. Durham said that it was an accident and she talked to Nikolai about playing too rough. I will talk with Ismael tomorrow about the proper ways to play at recess as well. I just wanted you to know what happened in case Deniska or Nikolai told you about it."

I am glad that neither boy was injured. Nikolai is still having a hard time adjusting to American life. He comes from such a different culture - not bad, just different. Keep him in your prayers for social awareness and understanding. Oh, and that pirates will stay far away!!!


  1. Susan ~ Praying for a pirate-free rest of the year for Nikolai :)
    Hugs, Joanne

  2. Susan, Nikolai sounds like he is adjusting just fine, over the summer I work at a summer camp for our Towns children. Can't tell you how many boys & girls play pirate. We even had a pirate day where they had a treasure hunt, and Games like walk the plank. We have a no tolerance rule for any rough housing but the temptation is so great for them to play sword fighting.
    Your boys are both such handsome little guys, God Bless them. They are lucky to have you and you them.
    I wrote some info on my blog about the crushed walnut shells if you would like some let me know blog. Take care.


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