Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine gift from my friend

How lovely to come home today and find a package all the way from England. My friend, Maisie, had sent me a Valentine's Day gift package. She sent me:

a manicure set (pink & black - love it!!)
a travel brush/mirror (I've never seen anything like this!)
a scarf (which I love!)
a red pen with a fuzzy heart (can't wait to use this!)
some candy and washcloths for the boys! (how very thoughtful!)
a gingerbread magnet (cute!!)
soap(smells so good!)

I loved all the items. She very thoughtfully included some items for Deniska and Nikolai. They can't wait to take a bath tonight to use their washcloths! Two things that I was fascinated with was the miniature manicure set and the travel brush and mirror. How very cute they are. I am showing a close up of these two items below.
As you can see, the brush folds up but then becomes a full size brush. The manicure set have the neatest design of pink and black. Who doesn't LOVE pink and black??? I'm thinking these colors will keep the male people in my house from using my nail clippers and not returning them for they are banned from these! Thank you Maisie!!!!!!!

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