Friday, March 21, 2008

3 out of 4 people... my house are sick! Nikolai had an ear infection (he is feeling much better!) for the past week. I took Deniska and myself to the doctor today with complaints. Deniska has strep throat and the doctor mentioned to me about taking out his tonsils. He seems to be prone to strep throat. He can fine the germ within 100 miles. He woke me up this morning (5 AM) crying with his throat hurting. He said "my neck has a chip in it. It hurts to swallow." I gave him children's Motrin and a cough drop. When I called the pediatrician's office this morning, I was told she was gone for the week. So, I took him to my doctor. He came home will amoxillican and some other meds.

I have felt much like this picture (Femme à la resille, 1938, by Pablo Picasso) this past month. I think the painting says it all. My right ear has been hurting and I couldn't open my mouth without pain. The doctor said I had a ball of ear wax sitting on my ear drum. The nurse washed it out using a water pik. The doctor also gave me a nasal spray and antibiotics. Seems my "cold" and laryngitis has settled in my head. This explains the cough I have had lately - I just could not get rid of it. I had never had my ear washed out before. It was not a pleasant experience but not overly unpleasant either. So, now we all have our meds and are praying that Dennis can steer clear of any of our germs! Deniska has been confined to bed for the day and maybe tomorrow. He is not a happy camper but he needs his rest. I wish I could be confined to bed too!!


  1. (((a big hug to Susan)))
    hope you all feel much better soon!

  2. Susan,
    I am so sorry that you,Deniska and Nikolai are all 3 sick.Hope the three of you are feeling much better really soon.

  3. Hope you are ALL feeling better now Susan!

    Hugs ~


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