Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My friends cannot believe that I only have two pair of shoes - a brown pair and a black pair. Last year, I sold all my shoes on eBay to make extra money. I honestly had over 50 pair of shoes but never wore any of them but the brown and black pair. As you can guess, I am not a clothes or shoe horse! As long as I have something to fit my needs, I'm fine. However, I was worried over the upcoming summer season. I do a lot of running around and felt that my brown and black pair of shoes would not be appropriate in 95+ degree weather. So, I broke down and ordered a pair of canvas shoes for $7.96 (on sale from $45) from Sierra Trading Post. I like Sierra Trading Post because I can use PayPal. (I do not use credit cards at all!) These are a nice yellow pair - not too bright but not dull either! They came today and are very comfortable!!

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  1. Hi Susan! I don't have many pairs of shoes either so I don't think it is odd at all. I had to get rid of all my shoes when I had to be fitted for orthopedic ankle boots and now I have the pairs they allow me on my insurance. One pair every 18 months. I keep the old ones (even though they are written off) to use while gardening or walking in the woods. They are so much money that I am afraid to throw out old pairs and they are made for my feet so noone else can use them.

    I found out two things from all of this. We really don't need many shoes and it is a freedom feeling not to have to make the choice out of tons of shoes which ones to wear.

    Hugs ~


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