Sunday, April 6, 2008

One year later

On April 3, 2007, Nikolai became an American citizen in Atlanta, Georgia when they completed his immigration papers. What a year it has been. He has had a difficult transition as far as language and culture goes. He informed me today that the teachers in Russia had them picking mushrooms for them to take home. This was after he had pulled every wild onion plant in our yard! Can you tell the difference in a year? Those eyes that once was detached and vacant are now filled with love and happiness! He is a Mama's boy!
He still has trouble with idioms. Today at lunch I told Dennis that he had a sweet tooth. Deniska immediately said he had a sweet tooth too! Nikolai looked confused and said he had a loose tooth! So funny! I explained to him what a "sweet tooth" meant and he said he had one of those too. He so wants to fit into our family.
He often talks about going back to Russia. On the date of his anniversary, he had a really bad day. I think it was guilt on his part of loving being here and feeling guilty over leaving everything he knew in Russia. Thankfully, those days are rare. He is sweet, loving, good boy who is very smart!! We are blessed to have him.

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