Monday, April 21, 2008

Washed Up & Washed Out

My head hurts! I mean it really hurts - one of those nagging, screaming headaches from the back to the top of your head. It's hurt all day starting from the call from the police to sending Deniska to time-out. I am worn out mentally and physically. I could just scream or cry, but I have no energy or desire to do either. Hmm, I sound a little whiny don't I? I am very blessed to have a good family and a good job. It's just been one of those days.

April 22
I wanted to say that after I wrote this yesterday, I took an Aleve and laid down on my bed. Deniska came in with 4 little books and crawled up in bed with me. He told me that he wanted to read to me. We spent the next 30 minutes cuddled together as he read to me his books. I could feel all the tenseness of the day leave me. I really am blessed to have such a sweet little boy!

Nancy asked about the call from the police. One of my students was kidnapped by his father from Charleston. The father sent him back to our school. The mother was frantic wanting to know where her child was. The grandmother had called me on Friday to say that he had been kidnapped and told me what had happened. The police wanted to know what I knew about the situation; this was after administration had asked me when the child showed up at at school. My whole morning was tied up with police, father threatening to sue me and the school, grandma crying, etc... Just a routine day in my life! :)


  1. Susan,
    So sorry to hear about your headache.Hope you are feeling better now.Sure hope the call from the police wasn't anything too serious.Hope things have calmed down for you by now.

  2. Wow, Susan! That's enough to give anyone a headache!! Let us know how it gets resolved. (inquiring minds want to know!)
    I love your pictures! Is that a snowball bush?

  3. Dianne - yes that is a snowball bush. It's HUGE! LOL! Susan


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