Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday - the 13th!

To ward off any 'evil spirits' out there waiting to make something happen on this, Friday the 13th, I decided to post a really cute picture of Nikolai. This is guaranteed to keep any evilness away. This was after the doctor's visit yesterday when the doctor told him either the bandages had to come off or he would have to go back to the hospital to cut them off. I drew him a tub of water with Tide detergent and let him soak. Within a few hours, he had pulled all the bandages off! Yippee!! He would not let the doctor nor us get close to the bandages.

And, for any of those folks who are thinking of casting spells on us, we have 5 cats to ward off any enchantment spells - LOL!! Seriously, I just love this picture of Sam in the basket. He is the sweetest cat and loves his mama!! Good boy!!!!

This is my new wreath that I bought for the front door. My friends at school have me a $50 gift cards for helping them with a big project to my favorite shop, Blackberry Hollow. I got lots of neat things from the shop today. This was a wreath that I really liked. I did add a few daisies and daffodils to it when I got home.


  1. I can always count on you to make me smile, Susan. What a precious picture of Nikolai. He is so photogenic (or am I prejudiced?) And I'm beginning to want a cat! Horrors! They eat, require attention, etc., etc. Tell the boys that I keep up with their latest action thru your blog. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Have a safe and blessed trip.
    Love, G'Ma Joyce

  2. I am so glad Nikolai is recovering.
    Your wreath is just beautiful too.


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