Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More yard flowers

Ah-ha! I knew I had yellow lilies last year. These have just started to open and they are beautiful. My lilies get prettier and prettier each year.

This is one of my daisies that I planted last year. They look a little pitiful to me but I think they will do better as they mature season after season. I love daisies. I love the yellow center.

This is what we always called Queen Anne's Lace. Mama would fix a big vase of colored water and we would watch the flower change from white to whatever color she fancied - yellow, orange, red, green, purple, etc... I always smile when I see Queen Anne's along the side of the road or in the pasture. They remind me of my Mama.


  1. you have a very lovely garden.

    University Place flowers

  2. Susan, those yellow lilies are gorgeous, and I don't like regular ones. You have whetted my appetite for a beautiful yard...I'm even looking at "Birds & Blooms" since I know so little about either. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful yard in person soon.

    Love to all, Grandma Joyce

  3. Your lilies are beautiful!
    I need to walk to the backyard and see if my lily garden is blooming yet.
    Are you enjoying your summer? =)


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