Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday afternoon

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon here at our house. They boys are playing in their room, Dennis is on the computer, and I am watching "Law & Order" as usual. I did cut out 6 more pair of shorts to make for the boys. This is our last week of school. I have graduation on Saturday morning and I will be finished. Nikolai has surgery on Wednesday, so he will be finished in 2 days. Deniska has 4 days, and I have 6 days. I will be glad to have a break for a few weeks before we go back. I keep saying, "This summer, I am going to work on..." That's really silly since my summer break will end up being just a few weeks. I just need to start working now on all of these projects.

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  1. Hope Nikolai's surgery isn't anything too serious.I want to wish him a speedy recovery and hope that Deniska is kind to his brother after his surgery.The evening party sounded like so much fun.Don't you just love the imagination of young children.


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