Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy "Got ya" Day Deniska!

Four years ago today we became parents to our wonderful little boy Deniska! We stood in front of the Russian judge and vowed to love this child, maintain his Russian heritage, and give him a loving home. We do all of those things and more. This was his very first Russian meal with us straight from the orphanage. What I remember the most is that he came in crying and proceeded to eat everything on the table. Food is still his favorite thing! (he's so much like me!) Look how unhappy he was and how vacant his eyes were. He screamed bloody murder that first night when we gave him his bath. But by the next time, he was all smiles as he discovered Mr. Bubble. I am sure he was traumatized as 2 people he didn't know suddenly was in control and he couldn't communicate with us. He sure was a strong-willed little guy!

This was in Moscow as he settle into his bath - all smiles!! He still loves bath time. Moscow was our first time-out that he put himself in! He cried for 45 minutes non-stop. But, he came around and decided we were nice people. He still has to have a good time-out about once a month.

This is in Frankfurt, Germany as we traveled home. He immediately bonded with his daddy. Daddy looks exhausted. Bless his heart, he had to take care of this little boy who wouldn't let me touch him. It took him a longer time to bond with me, but now he is MY boy! Deniska has been a gift from God. I can't say that the first 18 months were easy but they sure were worth the effort! We couldn't love this little fella more than if he were our birth child. I often forget he is adopted. He is a good blend of both of us. He has his Daddy's mannerisms and my temperament (most of the time, except when he acts like his Daddy!) Thank you God for giving us and entrusting in us the care of this precious child. Keep him safe for he belongs to You!


  1. A happy day of celebration for the whole family! Sometimes it seems like you've always had Deniska, but I remember how exciting it was when he joined your family. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. What a wonderful reminder of how far Deniska has come in the loving care of you and Dennis, and of course, God. This brought a tear to my eye. Thanks.

    Love, Grandma Joyce (and proud of it!)

  3. What a wonderful picture and how wonderful that God has blessed you both with such a wonderful little boy and he with you and your husband. Such a happy story.


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