Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cross stitch pillow

I love this little cross stitch pillow that I made. I only cross stitch in January and February. I have no idea why I restrict myself to cross stitching in those months. Isn't that silly? Anyway, since January is fast approaching, my fingers are itching to start stitching again. I only have patience for small projects. I may just live on the edge and start in December this year!

Today has been a gloomy day. It had rained off and on all day long. It's warm (sweater weather) and that is most discouraging since it IS almost Christmas and should be cold! Tonight at dinner, I suggested we move to Colorado since I know they would most likely have snow in the higher elevations. My suggestion was soon forgotten as Deniska started sharing his Cheetos!


  1. I LOVE this little cross stitch pillow, Susan! You are so talented. I think you should cross stitch year-round. :-)

  2. This is wonderful Susan! Don't restrict yourself and stitch little bits here and there throughout the year. It is such a great way to sit down even if just for 15 minutes and relax to the rhythm of the needle and thread.

    Christmas hugs ~


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