Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day Of & After

This pretty music box was a present from my mother-in-law, Joyce. It plays Amazing Grace and I am using it to keep my needles in. See my other blog for an explanation of that.

Nikolai plays with Deniska's pirate ship. They decided they both wanted a pirate ship but WITHOUT any pirates - go figure! You can also see the Dora house in the background. Last I looked, Dora and family was being held captive on the pirate ship!!

Beautiful wooden flutes to the boys from Grandma Joyce. I know we will enjoy many performances from them.

This cute little silver kitten was in my music box. I have put him on a shelf in the kitchen so he can oversee what is going on!
(P.S. - just realized that this sweet little cat is a ring holder! Right? Still, the kitchen is a good place for her!)

Deniska hard at work unwrapping gifts. He loves his V-tech games by the way. He has already mastered fractions (part to whole). I played with the boys last night. They got a kick out of mom letting Spiderman get zonked in the game. It was fun.

Both boys received BIG animals. They use them as chairs in their room. Can you see Nikolai's toy kitchen in the background? It took me all day yesterday to put that little kitchen together. It is cute and the boys are happy playing with it. Since we are not gender specific with the toys we buy them, they tend to like to play with a lot of different types of toys. Let me assure you that they are both ALL boy!!!

Just threw this picture in of Molly because she looked sooo cute. She is such a sweet cat. The cats were not pleased with the ATVs yesterday - too much noise. She looks much more relaxed today.

This was the BIG gift to both boys. They are still a little small for them. By summer, I suspect they will be comfortable on them. We have them turned so they will not go very fast. However, they still go too fast for my comfort. We will have to closely monitor their riding such big toys! On the other hand, Dennis and I really enjoyed riding them yesterday!!!

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  1. ATV's - you are so lucky! I would love to have enough land where we could have and ride ATV's. I know my boys would absolutely love that too. And I love your music box - it is beautiful.


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