Friday, December 19, 2008

Handmade toys banned in America!

If the ill-conceived Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act goes into law (as is) on February 10, 2009, toys made by moms (like me) will be banned. Making and selling our toys will be comparable to the local drug dealer on the street corner supplying crack and meth. Only, we will be supplying toys and dolls. Hard to believe isn't it?

I think congress has missed the boat on this one. And just think, we voted for some of these guys. Unbelievable!!


  1. I guess it is better that we buy toys made in China... the ones that contain LEAD.. I don't understand the government.
    Here in Canada, at our senior facilities , we used to be able to all get together and have a PotLuck Dinner but now due to health regulations we cannot do that.. We all miss the togetherness.
    Louise in Alberta

  2. Just what we need -- more government! You would think they could deal with serious issues and not focus on mothers making toys. Besides people in Washington know what children need and not mothers who are with the children and would chew broken glass rather than see them hurt. {Sigh!}

  3. How stupid is this! I am amazed at what this world seems to be leading itself into. I tried to donate quilts at our local hospital a few years ago for very ill children. The ladies responsible for the emotional welfare of the children and guiding them through their time there were all excited to get started and the hospital administrator said no way. We had no right to interfere with patients lives...her exact words. What happened to living with our hearts? I hope this new act can be reversed.

    Christmas hugs ~


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