Thursday, December 11, 2008


My children's school is involved in a project call the 100 Book Challenge. Every night, they are to read 15 minutes and log their books. This sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! For some unknown reason to me, this task of monitoring their reading has fallen to me. (Thanks Dennis.) Anyway, back to the boys. I have 2 that are on different levels and in intense competition for my undivided attention. There's only 1 of me and 2 of them! Every night ends up with them looking over each other's shoulder, reading, and fussing. This has led to many a fight - like tonight.
Deniska is on a higher level than Nikolai. Nikolai wanted to look over Deniska's shoulder. (I think he does this to annoy Deniska.) This, apparently, irritated Deniska to the point of whining and complaining. Then, to add injury to insult, Nikolai spoke first to lick the mixer spoon of the cupcakes that I was making for Deniska's class party. Deniska took this very personally and proclaimed that both the spoon and bowl was his. After all, the cupcakes were for him and his class. (I had offered the bowl as a consolation prize to Deniska, knowing that I would leave him a good bit to lick.) But no, that was not good enough for his young majesty. It was all or nothing. So, he got nothing. I sent him to his bath and to bed early. Of course, he still has to read his book...

At least, I know why it's called the 100 book CHALLENGE!!!

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  1. What a wonderful program to encourage children to read.Dennis should join in fun.There is nothing more special than to have a child read to you.Happy 8th birthday to Deniska a few days early.I knew his birthday was coming up.Hope he is over his cold so that he can be well for his special day.


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