Monday, December 1, 2008


Today has been a day of surprises - snowflakes!! Yesterday, it was cold and rainy. Did I mention cold? Oh, I see that I did. This morning it was 41 degrees when I left the house and by the time I arrived at work (25 minutes later) it was 39. The weather forecast called for rain, with snow mixed in for good measure. Now, being in the South, we do take snow seriously. At work, it was the common consensus that it was not going to snow, it was too warm. We all looked at the sky and various people talked about their knees hurting, the cats playing, the Farmer's Almanac, and my hair. (My hair curls with lots of precipitation in the air.) It made for interesting talk before work, but then we moved on with our duties. Besides, no one smelled snow in the air. (We have a few folks who claim to be able to do that.)

I, along with my co-worker Gail, have the privilege (cough-cough) of having outside lunch duty. This is normally a duty that I love but in 39 degree weather with a strong wind, it is not my favorite thing. However, I had my soup and winter coat and I was good to go. We endured the cold for 25 minutes and then decided to move the few brave students who were outside in to the cafeteria. (Silly teenagers outside with short sleeves and shorts! Geez!)

An hour later, we started to have snow flurries. Forget about class - I took my whole class out to stand in the few snow flakes that was falling. Now, for you winter states with lots of snow, a few flakes is not a big deal. But for us in the South, snow flakes are a very BIG deal. We flock to the grocery store and buy milk and bread. We call off school if there is ANY accumulation (ice or snow). We bake cookies to celebrate. We call everyone to make sure that all needs are being met. We hunker down and stay put until it all goes away. (This is very irritating to those Northerners who have moved in and have tried to change us!) They (the Northerners) talk about how stupid we are to stay home, but no one ever gets hurt on the road if you are at home. We are not the ones out trying to drive in a wet snow (of which they are not used to and always have accidents.) OK, enough of that! We just chalk it up to the source and shake our heads.

Anyway, the snow came, it fell, and now it is all gone. It was fun to watch the 50 or 100 flakes to fall and to dream of a White Christmas!

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  1. WHAT?! Snow? We did not have the first flake here, but it was wicked cold, as my friend Jackie (native New Yorker) would say.

    Not to be left out, I did have the joy of dodging black ice driving carpool this morning...


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