Monday, December 29, 2008

Spring cleaning early

I woke up this morning with a mission to clean my house. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and warm. So, I opened the windows and turned on the attic fan to cleanse the house of all those winter/rainy day/yucky germs! The boys and I started in one room and worked our way through the house room by room. They were so helpful today and worked really hard. At one point, Nikolai looked at me and asked if I had them just to do work!!!! Silly boy!

I still have a few more hours left in our bedroom as I go through things. I kept Dennis' truck this morning and have done a good job of throwing things away today. He will have lots to carry off tomorrow. It's nice to have all the Christmas decorations packed up and put away. It's nice to have a nice, clean house. It's nice to have a family that appreciates all the hard work!!

1 comment:

  1. i have the urge to spring clean early, too! i'm so glad that i'm not the only one. unfortunately, i haven't started yet...just thought about it... :)


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