Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conversations from the backseat

Today was a lovely day. It was up to 55 from the low 20s and the sun was shining. I had my Christmas music on in the car and everyone was happy, until...

Nikolai: Mom, you forgot to cut up some celery for my lunch today.

Mama: Nikolai, I'm sorry. I told you to remind me this morning.

Nikolai: That's not my job!

Mama: What did you say?!!? (at this point, I was not a happy camper!)

Nikolai: I said, that's not my job. That's yours.

Deniska: Whoa! Hold the phone. Mom, ask Nikolai if he was hungry after lunch.

Mama: Well, Nikolai, were you hungry?

Nikolai: Yes.

Deniska: Mom, he got a tray from the lunchroom and it was a big tray!

Mama: Nikolai! You know better than that.

Nikolai: Mom, it didn't cost anything. I just punched in my number and they gave it to me.

Mama: No, Nikolai, it does cost. They will send me a bill and I will have to pay for it. Now, back to it being my job. That is not my job.

Deniska: That's right. You know that Mama's job is teaching at the high school. Isn't that right, Mommy?

Mama: Yes, that's right. (At this point I delivered my sermon on what is "my job" and what isn't. I don't think Nikolai will make that mistake again!)

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