Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pickles woes

Last night at 1:30 AM, I was cleaning the carpet where Deniska vomited. We had eaten at Firehouse Subs and Deniska went overboard with the pickles. He ate 4 of them. Later, he told me that he did not feel well. He has been battling a cold all week so I gave him a hot bath and put him to bed. I thought it was the cold. He woke me up early this morning to tell me that he had thrown up - in his room and on my bedroom floor. He eventually threw up 2 more times and I put him back to bed with a trash can beside the bed. He slept until I woke him up to see the snow. He still doesn't feel well. I have spent the morning researching how to clean up vomit off the carpet. Apparently, what I did early this morning was not what I should have done to clean it to get the stain out. I'm going to try shaving cream and see if that will work.

On top of all of this, he has had several nose bleeds since Friday. He has had 2 today. I will be glad when he feels better.

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St. Therese

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