Friday, January 2, 2009

Tuesday Tip (I know it's Friday!)

I know it's Friday but honestly, Tuesday Tip just sounded better than Friday Tip. Don't you think so? On to the tip - I read this somewhere years ago but don't remember where. Right now, go get your checkbook and open it to the blank checks. Go ahead, I'll wait on you. Back already? Wow, you're fast! Now, with a pen (I should have told you to bring a pen! Go get one, I'll wait again.), write 09 in the date entry. That way, you will not accidentally write "08" for the next several months. It takes just a few minutes, but will save you lots of mistakes in the future!
For those of you who use your credit card or debit card for everything, this may not apply to you. We use our debit cards for 99% of the purchases we make. However, there are a few places that we like to send a check. We use a check when we are making a donation (like to church or any other charity.) Your check is your written copy of your donation. Happy Tuesday! (I mean Friday!)


  1. That's such a good idea Susan, but like you, we write so few checks anymore. We even use automatic payment at church! What a modern church we belong to, huh? LOL it's such a great idea for churches, because then they get your payment every week, no matter if you are on vacation, or just plain forget your envelope.

  2. Susan,

    I've been doing this for years. I even had a note on my calendar to put 09 on my checks - LOL! By the time I've gotten through about 10 or so of them, I finally remember to put the right year on without thinking. I rarely use my debit card. In fact, I just got one a few months ago and have used it 3 times. Twice, I almost forgot to put the amount down in my booklet! I'm so old fashioned, I'd just rather write a check!

    Linda in VA

  3. Susan,
    Thanks for that great tip.I just followed through and dated my checks with the new year.We don't write that many checks since our debit card is our payment of choice.


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