Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warm Sweater Wednesday

Cold weather has returned to our area. It's chilly outside but today is Warm Sweater Wednesday and that means not turning the thermostat up high today. Find a blanket and cover up! Now, on to another subject.

Conversations from the back seat:
Deniska: Mom, sometimes I think you really annoy me.
Mama: Annoy you? Why?
Deniska: Well, when I ask you a question you don't answer me right away and I think you are 'noring me. This really annoys me. I think you are mad at me.
Mama: Deniska, you don't give me time to answer you before you ask me the same question 10 times. You have to give Mama time to think about what you are asking.
Deniska: M - o - m, that is an 'xageration! I know you can hear me the first time.
Mama: I am so sorry that I annoy you. Anything else I do that bothers you?
Deniska: No.


Deniska: Mom?
Mama: Yes?
Deniska: I love you.
Mama: I love you too Deniska.


  1. Susan, I just love the coversations from the back seat. That was so cute! LOL Deniska is such a sweetie. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. Aren't the conversations in the car so wonderful.we don't play the radio in the car while Jeremy is with us.We love talking to him as we ride along after school each day.

  3. Ah! :)

    I love that sweater with the kitties on it. Do you actually have it? It is a disaster for us to keep up warm sweater days right now. We have been having temperatures down to -11C so the poor heating is working overtime to try and keep our house even at 68F (19C). One advantage to these cold January days is that a warm bed and quilt are glorious.

    Hugs ~

  4. That was a fun conversation. I love hearing what children have to say when someone takes the time to listen.

  5. Very cute story!

    You think we had Warm Sweater Wednesday today -- by the end of the week we will have Down Quilt Friday and Kerosene Fire Saturday. :) It is getting cold!

  6. Sounds like our Ally! She can ask the same question a hundred times, and if the answer varies even one word, she notices it. *sigh* That means I have to have a good memory!

    I have been having wrapped up in my fleece blanket warm from the dryer days!

    I have a very good Father too! He will call me just to say "I needed to hear your voice". I love that!


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