Monday, April 27, 2009

Another hour

Another hour until I can go home! I am working late tonight keeping Attendance School. This is make-up time for students who have missed too many days from school to receive credit. This group has been a really quiet group. They will be here until 6:20 PM. Then, I can clean up and go home too!

I am really tired today. This season I have been watching Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. I will also tell you that with the exception of Joan and Melissa River, Clint Black, Hershel Walker, and Dennis Rodman, I had no idea who any of the others were (still don't)! This is also the first time that I had ever watched anything involving Donald Trump. I don't particularly care for the man. Anyway, several weeks ago he said it would be hard for the celebrities to work together for they all were spoiled and used to calling the shots. He certainly got that one right. Last night was a shining example of how our society has gone down the tubes.

This is Annie and Brande. Annie is a poker player and Brande is a former Playboy Bunny.

In the boardroom Brande opted not to take out Annie but Melissa. Melissa got sent home. She didn’t actually do anything wrong this week, but that’s neither here nor there. Mr. Trump wrote something on a note and Melissa was history. I believe it was because she interrupted him. I don't think he is used to anyone interrupting him!

Then, Joan left too, and neither went quietly. There was screaming and yelling and cursing and Melissa refused to do a post-firing interview. Joan claimed that she wouldn’t be in the next day. Both Joan and Melissa acted poorly. Grace under pressure is not their strength. I suspect Joan will be back due to the contract she signed.

The add campaign was for Right Guard. Mr. Trump asked Jesse if he wore deodorant at all. And, apparently he doesn't. Can you image the hot lights and the smell he must produce?! Glad TV doesn't come with smells. Blows my mind that he is married to Sandra Bullock. He doesn't have much of a personality, except to tell everyone how good he is.
Brande honestly believed tonight that she didn’t “forgoo” the opportunity to be in charge of the important things in the task. Even Trump grimaced with that butchering of the English language. I am not sure that she is as smart as she thinks she is. However, she's on TV and I'm not so what do I know??

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