Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dusting and cleaning

I wish I had a pair of these Slipper Genies so I could clean the floor as I make endless trips around the house without getting much accomplished. The guys moved all the furniture today back to where it belongs (although some things are not exactly where it belongs!) The movers scratched the floor in the small bedroom and the floor man sanded and finished it again. He told us to call him in a few years and he would rebuff the floors. The floors are beautiful but my goodness, you should see the dust!! I think I could dust from now to Christmas and still not get it all. I have worked all afternoon just in the master bedroom and it's still not finished. I could use another week or so off!

It's a beautiful day outside and the boys are riding their four-wheelers. I see by my watch that it's 6 PM. I guess I should feed these boys around here - they get snarly when they are not fed! Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful afternoon!

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St. Therese

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