Saturday, May 16, 2009


Poor Anna. She had surgery yesterday so that no little kittens will be born at this house. Poor little thing has been in heat for the past few months. This was the first appointment that I could get once I got my receipt from the Animal Shelter. She is resting on Deniska's bed. I hope she feels better soon. While she was in heat, the boys would say that they wished she would hurry up and lay her kitten. I think they think that kittens are born like a chicken lays an egg. They also think that all mamas have to be cut open to get the babies out; except for those mamas that adopt babies. As you can see, we have some misconceptions to clear up. I'll let their daddy deal with that!!


  1. Hope Anna starts to feeling better soon from her surgery.Jeremy has started asking the questions concerning how are babies born.We could truthfully tell him that his mommy was cut open and he came out.I also had c-sections with both of my daughters.He didn't ask for any further explanations after that answer.I am sure that more and more questions will be coming.He is a very inquesitive boy.

  2. this your blog??? I'm sorry that your Anna won't have babies for us :(


  3. Yes, Faith it is my blog! I'm bringing the boys over to play with Jack!

    Love you,

  4. Hello Susan,
    have you received your PIF?

  5. Sweet Anna looks very content on Deniska's bed; I hope she heals soon. I had a good laugh out of your boys saying they couldn't wait until she lays her kitten, lol.


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