Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am so Disappointed

Today, at school, someone stole my iPod off my desk. I am so disappointed and upset. I used this i-pod for my students. It had audiobooks downloaded to it and we listened to it everyday. I kept Attendance School this afternoon and I suspect one of those students took it. I am always disappointed when a student steals from me. It hurts my feelings and it steals from them too. It steals their integrity and a part of their soul. I know in the scheme of life, this is a small thing. It still hurts.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your iPod. But here's something that might work... (I hope) My dad teaches high school and the exact same thing happened to him. It's an industrial tech class at a high school in not the best part of town, and these boys aren't honor students or altar servers or anything like that. They give my dad a lot of trouble. Anyway his iPod disappeared from the top of a projector. The next day he spoke to his class and told them the same things you wrote about integrity, etc. He also added how my mom had given him the iPod as a gift, etc. Believe it or not, two students came and told him who had taken it, and campus police got it back. So... just to encourage you, maybe if you are able to talk to some of the kids who are in Attendance school regularly, one of them will have a pang of conscience and you just might get it back. I hope you do, anyway!!

  2. Susan...I am so sorry this happened.Hope the guilty one returns it to you soon.


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