Saturday, May 9, 2009

What flower is this?

God very generously gave me this plant in my butterfly garden. He didn't leave any instructions or tell me anything about the plant. I was so surprised today to see that it has beautiful pink flowers. Does anyone know what kind of plant/bush this is? Please don't tell me it's weed. It far too pretty to be a weed. It has leaves kinda like a peony bush. But, I know it's not a peony bush.

P.S. ~

My friend Tammy solved this mystery. This is a single peony. (I had never heard of such!) After some searching, I found that this was a Paeonia 'Spiffy' Japanese Peony ZONE 2-8, HT 28", SUN A Japanese blossom type with fuchsia-red and soft pink-cream petaloids surrounded by matching fuchsia-red petals. This mid-season blooming peony is fragrant. Thank you Tammy!


  1. I don't know but gosh it is pretty. It almost looks like our Alberta Rose that grows wild.. just single petals and that same yellow center but the leaves don't look right... hope someone can tell ya. I take pictures and then go to my local flower shop and find out names...

  2. I found a picture of a wild alberta rose and installed it as my profile picture. not sure if it will show up or not but I must say your flower sure looks like a wild rose.

  3. How neat that this plant just "appeared" in your butterfly garden! I'm guessing a bird dropped some seeds or the wind blew seeds from a neighboring plant. I love how you said God put it there...that's an awesome way of looking at it. :-)


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