Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming clean....

I woke up in a cleaning mood this morning. I want to wash all the woodwork in the house. It has little finger prints everywhere. I also want to mop the whole house and get it nice and clean in time for the 4th. I went to Big Lots, my favorite store of late, and bought cleaning supplies. I bought:
  1. a tool box step stool (with 2 steps)
  2. Mr. Clean Angle broom with dustpan (this will stay in the laundry room where the cat litter is)
  3. 2 roll-up matchstick blinds for the patio doors
  4. a new pack of kitchen sponges
  5. 409
  6. Mr. Clean Magic erasers (4 pack)
  7. sponge caddy
  8. shoe bag for the closet that will hold 10 pair of shoes
  9. a purse organizer for the closet that will hold 8 purses
  10. a wooden shelf for my bathroom that fits over the sink
  11. spray paint (to paint the blinds and shelf)
I am all set now to clean and organize to my heart's content. The boys will help me clean. They always volunteer to go outside and play! Silly boys! I can't complain though, they are good little helpers.


  1. Good for you, Susan. I don't remember ever waking up in a mood to clean. That's me. lol

    G'Ma Joyce

  2. I had to stop by your page after seeing your profile image - KITTY on Mr.Robins page.

    Thanks for the reminder of ChRISTmas right around the corner. IT comes way to quick every year doesn't it?!


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