Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dennis!

This is from 2005 when we went to Hawaii. I selected this picture today because is encapsulates all the things about my husband that I love. Dennis is a Godly man who loves his wife and children above anything. He provides for us and he protects us. He is not afraid of a challenge and loves adventure. He is the spiritual leader of our home - he practices what he preaches. He is a man of deep faith in God. He has given me children and taken me to see the world. I have traveled to far away countries and experienced life outside of my comfort zone. I cannot imagine my life without my husband who is also my best friend. I love you Dennis more than you will ever know (even when you mess up my TV recordings by playing with the remote!)

Happy Birthday! I hope we have many more together in good health!! Cards from the boys. Hmmm, looks like Deniska needs help with spelling 'Birthday'.

And, here's Dennis with a big piece of his birthday cake - coconut! One of his favorites!


  1. Happy birthday, Dennis! You have a wonderful family. God has indeed blessed you above all measure.

  2. What a wonderful accolade. I'm so thankful to the Lord for bringing the two of you together and then the additional two boys. Dennis is indeed blessed to have such a giving wife so full of love and joy. I have to agree that he's a wonderful man (and son!).

    Love, Joyce, a/k/a as Grandma Joyce


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