Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The boys and I went shopping for Happy Father's Day. They asked if they could go ahead and give their Daddy their presents. This is what they bought:

A folding chair for Mama, OK - I picked that up but I'll go and get Papa one too! A hand pump which Nikolai pointed out that was needed to pump up his pool toy.
Hmm, Papa doesn't look too impressed with that!
Next, a big bouncing ball to use! What daddy wouldn't like one of those?

Ah, now Papa liked this, a basketball goal and ball for the pool!

Two kick boards for the pool! Hmm, looks like the boys have a theme in mind!

Now, he had 2 swimming noodles, 2 floats, and 10 new cereal bowls for the china he bought me for Mother's Day!
Alright, everyone smile! Let's try this again. Nikolai, do not look like that at your Mama!
Ah,this is much better! The three loves of my life! I am truly a blessed person!!

Happy Father's Day Honey! You are the best father ever!!


  1. Oh, Susan! I loved this. How sweet of the boys to include their dear Papa in their activities! Hope the pool went up today!

  2. How heartwarming! Three beautiful boys, if I may say so myself. Please tell "daddy" his mama wishes him a great Father's Day, and looks like I got my wish.

    Love, Grandma Joyce


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