Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Jon & Kate, and now Mark

It's hard for me to watch a marriage fall apart in front of my eyes. I watched the much acclaimed Jon & Kate show and felt sorry for both of them. I did not feel sorry that they made bad decisions but felt sorry for them in dealing with bad decisions and for their kids. Little did I know it would come home more personal to me with our governor, Mark Sanford. Governor Stanford has been "missing" for 5 days supposedly on a hiking trip. Dennis and I knew that something was up for one does not miss Father's Day to go hiking, especially with 4 children. Add to that late night rides without his usual security and you have problems. Today, in a press conference, he admitted to having an affair and resigned as the president of the Republican Governors Association.

Now I know that the Democrats will have a field day with this. And true, it was irresponsible to leave his state unattended. I am not a fan of Governor Stanford, he hates public education and makes no bones about it at all. I thought he made a fool of himself over the stimulus package. I don't think he is a good governor. But, I do not relish in his personal troubles. My heart goes out to him during this time. He has hurt so many people with his lies and unfaithfulness. Seems like corruption goes along with power. We see this even in the Bible with David, who was a man after God's own heart. I have chosen to pray for Governor Sanford instead of gloating in his failure. I pray for forgiveness from his wife, his children, his family, his state. I pray for reconciliation with his family. I pray he turns to the Lord during this time and straighten out his heart. Most of all, I pray for him to have peace as he tries to rebuild his life.


  1. Way to go, Susan. I vote for prayer, not condemnation. I'm proud of your convictions.

    G'Ma Joyce

  2. I thought of you Susan, as I heard this unbelievable tale unfold on the news today. I knew you were not a fan of his but this story is just awful - whether you like him or not.
    I wondered what his family thought when their father was absent on Fathers Day

    what a sad story! i don't condemn him, but I am disgusted with how he abused his power and had no regard for his family.

  3. I don't understand why people who are in the public's eye don't behave with more wisdom. And it's always the children that pay the price for the studpidity of the grown ups around them.
    Character is who we are when no one is around. These public men need a good bath in the Word to build their character.


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