Saturday, June 13, 2009

Part 4 - coming home - BMW

On our way home, I suggested we stop at the BMW Visitor's Center. Dennis liked that idea (since he LOVES anything connected with BMW.) The boys enjoyed seeing the cars and movie. It was a nice way to end our road trip.

Just like his daddy, he fell in love with all the cars.
Hmm, Nikolai, you are blocking the BMW logo - move over please!
Yes, that's much better!! This BMW X5 is Dennis' dream car/SUV.

Love, love, love these little cars!

BMW Manufacturing Plant
I-85 at Hwy. 101 (Exit 60)
(864) 989.5297 or 1.888.868.7269

The BMW Zentrum is a state-of-the-art visitor’s center that highlights the company’s commitment to engineering and its neighboring communities. In addition to historic cars and motorcycles, visitors are able to watch a short film on the construction of the vehicles and witness the “Art Car” display. Visitors can even “ride the line” via the Virtual Factory Tour. Actual tours of the factory itself are available, although it is suggested that reservations are made far in advance due to the overwhelming popularity of the tour.


  1. Jeremy would love Zentrum.He wants to tour the NASCAR shops outside of Charlotte one of these days.How far is Zentrum from you?

  2. Zentrum is only 50 or so miles from us. Not far at all.


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