Monday, June 15, 2009

Swimming lessons

The boys had their first swimming lesson of the summer with Miss Debbie. She is phenomenal! Within the hour, she had both boys jumping in to the deep end, floating, swimming, and a number of other swimming tasks. Nikolai who is afraid of water over his head, was jumping from the diving board and swimming as if he had been swimming his whole life! It was amazing!! I can see now why she has a waiting list of people wanting in.
Waiting patiently to start class.Listening to instructions.
Ready to start!

First jump - Deniska doesn't look so sure.

There goes Deniska!
There goes Nikolai! Be still my heart and lets hope he comes up again! This was hard for me to watch.

"I can't believe I did that!"
Miss Debbie demonstrates the correct form of swimming.

Here I go again!
At the end of the hour, she let the kids just play in the pool while the next class was arriving. The boys were so proud of themselves, as I was too!!

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  1. Glad they were able to get into the class with such a great instructor.We are hoping to have Jeremy take swimming lessons again next month.He took them a few years ago but due to his height he was scared in the water.He seems to have gotten braver so we are hoping that he will enjoy the lessons this time around.


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