Wednesday, November 4, 2009

See things from the boy's point of view.

See this picture of this perfectly innocent radio. Sitting there not disturbing anyone. Just doing it's job. While I was at a Faculty meeting this afternoon, Nikolai decides that the antenna would make a good pointer. (Alright, granted the child is creative - still.) So, he twists it off the radio, breaking it off in the process. His reasoning was that he wanted it and didn't think it was that big of a deal. What to do? What to do? I decided on the drive home, after I had delivered my "destroying property", "Jesus isn't happy with you" and the famous "what were you thinking?" speeches, that he needed more physical activity. If he wants to be physical, then I will give him physical. Right now, he is outside moving concrete blocks (they are small ones) from one location to another. Then, when he gets finished, I might just let him move them back. I might also mention that this is after he dumped Deniska's candy out of Deniska's box yesterday just so he could use the box for something. I suspect he dumped the candy in the trash can. It magically all disappeared. His story is that the cat probably took it off. He had to give Deniska all of his candy for that one. (Deniska came out on the good side of that deal.)

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  1. Susan, you are a good, wise mother. I know it wasn't funny to you, but I did find some humor in it (or maybe that was your creative way of writing).

    Love, Grandma Joyce


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