Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boys' Halloween 2009

Here they are - my little Harry Potter and the Grim Reaper right before they left for Trick or Treating! Nikolai (aka Harry Potter) is actually smiling in this photo. Both of them were put out with me for making them stop and have their picture made. They were ready to hit the road!

For whom does the Grim Reaper wait? He waits for you! Did you notice the gigantic pumpkin he is sitting on? It's a beautiful pumpkin, although my family thinks it's ugly because it's misshaped and has bumps on it! The index box (located by his left foot) was home to a baby lizard that they captured. But, they have released the little lizard to go on his merry way! And, here's Harry! Not a smile to be had because his daddy was starting the engine and he was ready to go! I'm lucky I got these few shots!

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