Friday, November 20, 2009

Project post

The boys both had projects due at school this past week. I thought I would share these with you!
Deniska's Desert project looked a lot better when it went out the door Wednesday morning. He told me that he had given everyone on the bus one of the animals. One of his classmates told him there were too many animals. Deniska told him it was a family meeting and everyone came! Quick thinking on Deniska's part! He worked really hard on this project and did it all by himself (with a little help from Mom!)

Nikolai had a brown bag book report. He drew this picture all by himself! He's a good artist to just be 8 years old. He wants an art kit for Christmas and art lessons this summer.

I am proud of both boys!

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  1. Susan...your boys did a great job on their projects.Jeremy did a desert project last year.What is so odd is that they did more project in 2nd grade than so far in 3rd grade.He has only had one project so far in 3rd grade and the first half of the school year will be over in a few weeks.
    Nikolai is very talented.I love the detail he showed in the desk chairs!


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