Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21st -really?!!

I cannot believe it is already December 21st.  I would like to tell you why I have not posted in such a long time.  I honestly can't point to any one reason.  Just busy, busy, busy!  We celebrated Deniska's 9th birthday on December 13th.  He requested brownies instead of a traditional cake.  Who am I to argue with the birthday boy?  So, brownies it was!

He is such a sweet child.  He has not felt well in the past week or so.  He has a terrible cough but no other symptoms, so I have not taken him to the doctor.  He has a 9 year old check-up the first of the year.  He got a brand new bicycle for his birthday.  It's orange, like everything else since he is Clemson Tiger fan!

This past Friday, the boys had their Christmas program at school.  It's the first year that they have asked us to come or even told us about the program!  The whole program was wonderful but I must admit that this class was the best!  (Spoken like a proud Mama!)  I made pictures but they turned out blurry.  I really, really need a new camera - (Dennis, are you reading this?!?!  It's not too late for a Christmas present!) 

We put up the Christmas trees this past Friday and Saturday.  They are both beautiful.  The boys decorated the big tree in the living room all by themselves.  Lots of ornaments on the very bottom branches and not so many up high.  Still, it is lovely and I wouldn't change a thing about it at all!  We have a smaller tree in the master bedroom filled with handmade ornaments from the boys and dear friends of mine.  This is the tree I love since so much love went into each ornament.  When my camera battery gets recharged I will take a picture of it and post on here.  I really need a new camera!

In the morning, we all go to the dentist for teeth cleaning starting at 7:30 AM!  What a way to start the day!  I could take pictures of that too if I only had a decent camera!  OK, I will stop with the camera envy!


  1. Welcome back. I've missed your postings! Deniska looks so cute. Tell him I love brownies too. Also tell him I said thank you for the card he sent - he really prints well. Enjoy the dentist tomorrow.

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. glad to read your post...the best way to get a camera might be to buy it, wrap it and put it under the tree! have a blessed Christmas!


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