Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deniska's Motorcycles

This past Friday, Deniska celebrated his birthday at school with his classmates. His birthday is not until Sunday. Anyway, neither of my boys are big cupcake fans. I think because I am not a big cupcake maker fan. I find cupcakes rather a pain to make. Silly, I know. I just can never get that batter in those cups without spilling some and they all end up different sizes. That may not bother many people, but it really irritates me! Anyway, I decided to make these candy motorcycles for Deniska to give to all of his classmates. My friend Gail and I ended up making 25 of these little motorcycles. My high school students (the boys at least) thought they were way cool! No higher praise was needed!


  1. I never cease to be amazed at your talents! Seriously, you put us mortals to shame! Chocolate motorcycles? Definitely cool and delicious! Way to go, mom.

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. I think they are way-cool too

    and I agree with G. Joyce's praise for you - you are one cool mom

  3. What a neat idea! How did you make them?

  4. What a clever idea, and much more fun than cupcakes. Don't be overly impressed by my late flowers. Those photos were taken a few weeks ago, before we had a hard freeze. But it really was December 3rd, so it was a special treat to enjoy them so late. We had a long fall like that in Michigan once, and I remember seeing someone's clematis blooming in December.


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