Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to....

Hmmm, not sure why Nikolai is sitting all puffed up at the world. I suspect that he was mad at his brother and was taking a time out. Or, maybe he was mad that Barbie was on the way to get married to his newest SWAT action figure (named Jack) and that she dumped Ken. Ken, being the good sport he is, officiated the wedding. (Or, maybe Ken was glad she was finally moving on!)  All the pirates, army men, and Rescue Heroes were in attendance at the wedding (held in the kitchen floor). It was the affair of the season. Barbie only met Jack on Christmas Day. She moved pretty fast to get Jack to marry her. I guess she got tired of waiting on Ken all these years! It was a hurried affair. Poor Ken.

This is Barbie on her way to the wedding.  She is riding in on Nikolai's new skateboard.  If you look at his picture above closely enough, you can see where he fell off the skateboard and skinned his nose.  I am not sure if he will ride it again or not.  But, it does make a cool Barbie car!  Oh, I almost forgot, Barbie is watching Deniska's DS on the way there.

This is Jack.  He doesn't look too happy to be his wedding day!  I hope he knows what he is doing. 


  1. What a cute story.Hope Barbie and Jack have many years of happiness together.Have you tried bowling with the Wii? I love bowling and tennis with the Wii.Try them and let me know how you like playing those games.Jeremy loves playing Mario Kart and some Disney Cars games on Wii.Hope your boys have as much fun playing Wii as Jeremy and Mariah and their Nana,lol.


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