Monday, December 28, 2009

My Mom

Two years ago today, my mom died from Alzheimer's. It was a day mixed with joy and sadness. Joy that she was reunited with her family and in the presence of God, and sadness that I would never again be able to touch her or talk to her. I miss her so much, even though I know she is much better off. Alzheimer's is an awful disease that robs the whole family of their loved one. This is a picture of her two surviving children, my brother Larry and me. I don't think she knew either one of us that day. This was a few weeks before her death. She has that far away look on her face. One thing that I am grateful for is that the Alzheimer’s allowed her to relive her favorite times and days. She was a young mother and a young girl most of the time that I went to see her. She was happy. I am fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home with a mama and a daddy that loved each other and that loved the Lord. You just can't ask for more than that. Merry Christmas Mama. I love you.

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  1. I will say prayers for her. I understand; my Mom left us 3 yrs. ago the day after Easter Sunday, after much suffering. God takes those faithful who are close to Him, on Feast Days that mark His Holy Birth and Resurrection, I think, IMHO, as a sign of His Promise to save them for Heaven, now or later, as He sees fit. So, we hope and we pray for our Mom's souls, until we meet again.

    God Bless you, Susan, during this time of Joy and the pain of parting. Love never ends.


St. Therese

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