Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming

I decided I really needed to do more for Christmas than just put up a tree. So, yesterday, as I was home for a snow day (which we had NO snow, just ice), I decided to clean and decorate. I tied pretty ribbons to all the candles. Nikolai asked me what was up with all the bows on the candles. *sigh* Silly boy!

Then a nice bow on my glass dome, what do you call these things? I know they have a name.

Bows on some more candles....

And, a bow on the jar candle on the table. I thought all the bows added a nice festive feel to things.

I also made covers for all the pillows in the chairs in the living room. This was a very easy project and took no time at all.

Deniska said he thought our living room was the prettiest room in the house. I agree with him. (Pay no attention to my purse that lives in the chair with the pillow!)

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  1. Susan - the word for the glass domes is cloche. I love all your ribbons and bows. An easy way to add some Christmas cheer to a room!


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