Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Deniska!

This weekend has been one long birthday party for Deniska. We ate out on Saturday night at Copper River where not only was the food good, but the service was excellent! Deniska ordered a club sandwich. It was a HUGE sandwich in which Deniska almost ate the whole thing!! It was so big, he had trouble getting it all in his mouth.
At the end of the meal, our waiter brought him a special dessert just for him. Of course, he also brought four spoons for us all to share.

Then, tonight I made his favorite meal - spaghetti with elbow macaroni and garlic bread. This year he opted for a Edward's Cookies and Cream pie instead of a cake. It was DELICIOUS!!

And, since I did not put candles on his pie, he blew out the Advent candles for his birthday wish. I hope he had a good birthday. He is a sweet boy and deserves all the wishes in the world.


  1. Happy Birthday Deniska! You are going up into a fine young man. I like pie best over cake too.

  2. Happy Belated 10th Birthday Deniska.I knew it was in December but wasn't sure of the exact day.Your sandwich looks quite yummy.


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