Friday, March 18, 2011

Art Show and Conversation from the Back Seat

Deniska's art work was chosen to be displayed at our county's Art Council Art Show featuring the schools' young artists.  His painting is displayed "Peeling".  I am very proud of him!  
Afterwards, the boys enjoyed a nice cup of kool-aide.  While we were driving to the art show, this was our counversation:

Mama:  When I retire, I want to take art lessons and start painting again.
Papa:  Well, if you do that, I am going to take flying lessons.
Mama:  I don't know about that but we could give the boys flying lessons.
Deniska: (from back seat)  NO, NO, NO!  I do not want to be a pilot.  You have too many things to memorize.
Nikolai:  Not me!  If I am going to be flying an airplane, it's going to be remote control!


  1. Congrats to D for his nice artwork
    and I am with N, no flying for me unless it is a remote control plane.

  2. Love the artwork!!

    The conversation in the backseat is really insightful. And delightful!

  3. Congratulations to Deniska for having his art work displayed.Jeremy could of used his expertise today.He had to draw a picture of James Armistead Lafayette for his Virginia Studies project.We are not artists here.Loved the backseat conversation.Do your boys have South Carolina studies like Jeremy has Virginia Studies in fourth grade? He has learned quite a bit about the history of Virginia.

  4. The artwork done by Deniska is priceless! I love it!!

    Linda in VA

  5. What a small world. I surfed in here through another blog and recognize your sons from the cleanup shift at the KofC breakfasts.


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