Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conversations from the back seat

Both of my boys are now ten and anything associated with underwear is a serious business.  I noticed there were lots of looks between them with giggling and I decided I needed to do some investigating.  We have serious talks while we are riding.  They tend to talk more freely when (1)  they can't see my face , and, (2) my hands are occupied and I can't reach them!   Today, as we were riding home, this was our conversation:

Mama:  Boys, did anybody get in trouble today at school?  (I always like to ask that so they will trick the other one in spilling the beans on their behavior!)

Nikolai:  No  (giggles)

Deniska:  Well, we didn't but ....

Mama:  But, what?  

Deniska:  Nikolai, tell her.

Nikolai:  Mom, you know Annie? (name changed to protect the innocent)

Mama:  Yes, I believe I have heard you talk about her.  Isn't she the one who likes you?

Nikolai:  Yes, unfortunately she does.  Well, today I had an eraser and it popped off my pencil and landed in the floor beside her.  She thought I threw it at her, so she took her BRA and threw it at me!  (This resulted in much giggling laughing from the back seat!)

Mama:  Why in the world did she have her bra off?

Nikolai:  She said things weren't in there right and she just took it off!

I remember the first few days that I wore a bra.  I came home, took it off, and threw it under my bed.  Than, I told my mom that I had lost "it" at school!  I guess some things never change from generation to generation.  I truly hope Annie will keep her bra on from now on and I hope that's the LAST time a girl throws her bra at my son! 


  1. Oh, my goodness!! That is too funny. Some of the best conversations with my son were riding in the car...for the very reasons you mention.

  2. Oh my goodness Susan, that's hysterical! They are old enough to be in school with bra wearers? How quickly they grow up!


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