Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer

 Happy first day of Summer!

I do believe my chair is on its last leg.  

It seems to be leaning to one side.

 It's going to be a fabulous day here today!  

Lots of sunshine and high temps.

I bought that sweet little iron plant stand at the consignment shop for a song!  

See our cats?  They are solar lights and light up at night.

My chaste tree is loaded with blooms which means lots of bumblebees buzzing around!


  1. I think your porch and plants look wonderful but am a little sad that the chair is falling apart. I remember the cute winter photo of it with a cat sitting on it.

    never heard of a chaste tree, sure is pretty.

  2. Your porch looks so welcoming Maybe there is a way you can reinforce the chair to help it last a bit longer, or maybe find one in someones tree lawn on garbage day. The Tree is pretty my favorite color

  3. What a lovely porch you have Susan...the chair just add more character leaning to the side like that :)



St. Therese

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