Friday, June 8, 2012


On May 25th, the boys had their 5th grade graduation program.  It's a big deal at their school complete with caps and gowns, a separate location, and lots of recognition.

D loves bow ties.  Not sure where that comes from but he is passionate about them!  N - not so crazy about ties or bow ties!


The boys loved their teachers this year and they were an awesome team!  This is Mrs. Ray, math teacher. The boys both love math and loved her class!

This is Mrs. Lesan, the English Language Arts teacher.  She taught the boys so much about writing and about enjoying reading.   She has a gentle spirit and the boys responded so well to her.

This is Mrs. McClure.  She supervises the boys doing their morning safety patrol.  They open the doors of the cars as the parents drop off the students.  Mrs. McClure has loved my boys since their first day in school.  She has always paid them attention and petted them!  They absolutely LOVE Mrs. McClure!!

This was after graduation back at the school.  See how cute they are!   I know, I know, I'm prejudice. 

Now bear with me while I list what they were recognized for at the graduation ceremony:

WES News Team (he operated the camera)
Safety Patrol
Perfect Attendance
Certificate of Special Recognition  (6 years - including kindergarten!)
Honor Roll
President's Award for  Educational Excellence (this came from the White House) 
Reading Achievement Certificate - all A's
Mathematics Achievement Certificate - all A's in math 

Music Achievement Certificate
Student Council Vice President (that is where his medallion came from)
Service Award - Flag Team
Safety Patrol
Cardinal's Honor Club
Perfect Attendance
High Honor Roll
President's Award for  Educational Excellence (this came from the White House)
Reading Achievement Certificate - all A's 
Science Achievement Certificate - all A's
Social Studies Achievement - all A's
Mathematics Achievement Certificate - all A's in math 

All in all, Dennis and I are very blessed that our boys do well in school.  They both work hard and enjoy their extra activities. They are happy, healthy boys - who could ask for more? 


  1. Congratulations to both Denniska and Nikolai. A special congrats to Nikolai for the President's award. They have had another great year at school by the sounds of it so I wish them both a really fun summer break!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Big congrats to both your boys Susan! They look so proud and happy!! And it is such a pleasure to know how much they like their teachers!

    Linda in VA

  3. awww, what sweet pictures!
    d and n look handsome. I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

  4. Your wonderful boys are growing up mom!! They are both so handsome and I know you are beaming with pride~~~ Tell them both, this teacher is giving them both a double thumbs up!!

    Always, Faye


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