Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today was Thrifty Thursday for my friend, Gail, and I.  We are getting together every Thursday during the summer and doing something thrifty.  Last week we went to thrift shops.  This Thursday, we sat at Gail's kitchen table and I sorted a half-gallon bag of buttons that I had bought at the thrift store.  She went through her recipes and sorted them.  Our friend, Elaine, joined us and copied recipes from Gail's recipe box.  We had a wonderful time together!

When I got ready to leave, Gail sent the boys a bag of cucumbers.  The boys love cucumbers as much as candy!!  They were so excited over the cucumbers!  I predict they will be gone in a few days!

Nikolai made this himself.  I am thinking he might have a career in culinary arts.  
Isn't this a pretty arrangement? 


Alas, it did not last long as I stole a slice and Deniska stole a slice! 

Thank you Gail for the cucumbers!!



  1. thrifty Thursdays sound like a great way to visit and save! how nice to get so many cucumbers. We all like them too, both plain and with dip and in salads.

  2. How fun to have a friend to share being thrifty with! I am sure each Thursday will be something you look forward to. Love those little cucumbers. I bet they are nice and crispy.

    I just made a cucumber salad for a pre dinner snack. I simply used a cheese cutter to slice half a long cucumber in long strips and then added a tablespoon full of tzatziki (greek cucumber salad). We can buy it premade here in Aldi and it is really mild and good. Mixing it with more fresh cucumber makes it really something special. Maybe an idea for Nikolai?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. My Russian kids have always scarfed down the cukes as fast as we could serve 'em.


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