Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Cut a Long Story Short - or jeans in this case!

  Those of you who have boys will understand this story.

Nikolai goes through jeans like nobody's business. 

That boy is HARD on the knees of his jeans.
(Why ARE boys so hard on jeans?)

He has religious camp coming up next week and needed shorts.

Yes, you are ahead of me, I cut his jeans off at the knees to make shorts!

 I cut all the strings off (which resulted from me washing the jeans after I cut them!)

Then, I zig-zagged the edge, turned them up, pinned them, and hemmed them!

I only lost one machine needle and that was my fault.  

I should  have put on my denim needle to start.  

Anna approves!  She is my official inspector - especially if clean clothes are involved!

After I had finished, he brought me another pair that just happened to have a hole in the knee.

That will just have to wait for another day!


  1. Susan, you are so thrifty. You sure saved a lot of money trimming those jeans! I'm so proud of you, and they look so good. Keep up the good work. The boys are blessed to have you.

    Love, Joyce/a/k/a "Grandma Joyce"

  2. I think Anna is saying make me something neat. Hope the boys have a good time at camp!!

  3. Well, I don't have boys but was a tom boy. I think this is a great idea! I bet you saved the denim for patches, too! I just patched up my trucker husband's pockets. ;)

  4. As I always say, you are so lucky that you can sew - think how much money you save by being able to change these torn jeans into shorts! Sew (pun intended) awesome!


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