Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life is Rolling Along

These are my new wheels.
What time I am out of bed moving around, this is how I roll!  I have 3 weeks over of broken ankle/leg time - 5 weeks to go.  I have good days and bad days.  This past week I had more bad days than good. I am hoping that this coming week will be all good days.

Things I miss being in a wheelchair:
1.  Going into my closet to pick out my own clothes
2.  Being able to take a shower without it being a major ordeal with wrapping up my "boot" in plastic, getting the shower chair in the shower, etc....
3.  Cooking!  You would be surprised how hard it is to cook when you are sitting down in a chair. It takes a lot longer and you need help to get things out of the top cabinets and pantry. Plus, the oven door does not like me in my chair.  I am a little afraid of it when I use the oven.
4.  Driving - I can't drive which is OK since I can't really get out of the house without help.  I still miss that independence.
5.  Going outside.  I can't really go outside any time I want because my door has a drop on the outside.  It's easy when I have help but not so much on my on. 

Things I appreciate about my chair:
1.  It is comfortable since I have to have my leg elevated all the time.
2.  It affords me the ability to get around.  I don't have to just stay in my bed,
3.  People have been very nice opening doors for me and offering to help.
4.  It allows me to go to my many doctor appointments.
5.  It lets me spend more time with my husband since he is the one who rolls me around outside of the house.  We have had many laughs and shared times with my chair - like the day (as he was talking) he rolled me to the trunk to put me in the car!  

So, we are all rolling along here and doing fine!


  1. When I was in the wheelchair, my orthopedist office was located on a steep hillside, as was the parking lot...Mama and I had a hard time with that. We got so tickled one day that I started rolling backwards and the chair was making her walk backwards too. We had to put the brakes on and stop until we could get sobered up enough to try again.

  2. Sending you big old cyber hugs from Holland dear Susan! I have been there while I had active nerve dystrofy. I was not allowed to put any weigh on my foot. If we went out, I had to be in a chair and it was frightening at times. But they are a blessing too as you say. I was in one recently at a craft fair. All my quilting friends took turns pushing me and I was able to enjoy the day with them.

    Get well very soon!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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