Friday, July 13, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese's

One of the things we do on vacation is to visit Chuck E. Cheese. The boys have a blast and secretly I love to play those games too! LOL! On our vacation we were fortunate enough to get to go to CEC with my sister-in-law Deanna and her sons - Christian and Anthony. One of my favorite photos is a picture I took of Anthony. You can see the joy and determination in his face. He, of course, is super cool and the co-Ruler of Chuck E. Cheese along with his brother Christian!

Grandma Joyce also joined us at Chuck E Cheese's and dutifully guarded our food and purses and most importantly the tickets that the boys had won! Deniska loves to give (and receive) hugs from his Grandma Joyce. The boys wanted to take her home with us. She said she couldn't come. We hope she can visit with us soon. She looks good in this picture doesn't she?


  1. I enjoyed seeing the pictures taken at Chuckee Cheeses.Wish we had one closer.The closest one to us is two hours away.I love the picture of Deniska with Grandma Joyce.What a sweet picture.If you ever get down to Sevierville with your boys Mr.Gatti's is a place like Chuckee Cheese's.Jeremy enjoys Mr Gatti's and I love playing Skee Ball!!

  2. You can see the fun you all had that day. Now I have to admit that I loved taking my niece and nephew there years ago when I visited home and had more fun than them. I made sure they won enough tickets to get a fun prize. My niece said she had more fun watching Aunt Heidi than the kids playing. LOL!

  3. Oh! what fun! Our girls would love Chuck E Cheese. We have an Incredible Pizza near us, and they were invited to a birthday party there. They have asked to go there ever since they attended that party!

  4. My kiddos always loved going to Chuck E Cheese's! Loved the pictures.


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